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Various Causes of Acne in the Pubic and Prevention

Not only on the face, pimples can also appear on the genitals. This condition certainly makes sufferers feel pain and discomfort. Although most pubic pimples are harmless, you still need to know the causes and ways to prevent them. In most cases, acne on the genitals will heal by itself. Like acne on the face, acne on the genitals can also be caused by a variety of factors, including personal hygiene and hormonal changes. Causes of Acne in the Pubic There are several conditions that can cause acne on the pubic, namely: 1. Folliculitis Follicuitis is inflammation that occurs in hair follicles due to bacterial or fungal infections. One factor that increases the risk of folliculitis is shaving pubic hair. The use of razors that are not clean can cause skin irritation and infection, and trigger the appearance of zits on the genitals. 2. Contact dermatitis Contact dermatitis is an inflammatory reaction on the skin due to exposure to certain substances or substances. Soap containin
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Benefits of scrubs and Simple Tips for Maintaining Skin Health

For those of you who want to have smooth and healthy skin, try to use scrubs regularly. Many benefits of scrubs that you can feel. One of them is to remove dead skin cells, so that your skin is not dull. Scrub is a skin care product that has been known for a long time. Currently there are many scrub products that claim to provide benefits for the skin. However, you also have to be careful in choosing the right and safe scrub products so that the results are optimal. Various Benefits of Scrub for the Skin The skin is the first protector that has waterproof properties. The skin also helps regulate temperature by helping cool body temperature through sweating. Besides healthy and well-maintained skin is also important important to support one's confidence. Because of its important function and role, you should maintain healthy skin. There are various ways to maintain healthy skin, one of which is using scrubs. Some benefits of using scrubs include: Remove dead skin cells The

Come on, Know the Right Way to Carry Your Baby according to Age

Mother and Father often feel worried when they want to hold a baby? Relax, in the right way, holding a baby can be fun, you know. Carrying a baby is something parents do almost every day. In addition to helping soothe Little One, this activity can also foster parents' ties with their beloved baby. Carrying a baby also provides health benefits for your child, especially for babies born prematurely. However, holding a baby should not be done carelessly, so as not to disturb the structure and function of the body. Things to note Before starting to hold a baby, there are some things parents need to pay attention to, namely washing hands with soap first. This is useful to prevent the baby attacked by germs that cause disease. Next, make sure Mother or Father also finds a safe and comfortable holding position. In addition, avoid holding the baby in a state of illness huh. How to carry a baby according to age The right way to carry a baby according to age, namely: Infants aged